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let not the worst excuse the bad

Posted by EthanEdwards on Monday, April 30 2018 at 10:53:12PM
In reply to bad guys posted by manbot on Monday, April 30 2018 at 8:35:26PM

I'm not demonizing you all, I'm recognizing that there are bad guys in the world

That would be the ones calling pedophiles scum or child molesters, or insisting pedophiles shouldn't babysit or working on the pedophile genocide?

Compared to such obvious evil, where does "Peter" or Dissident fit in?

I am not a fan of saying that since there are worse things in the world, we should excuse things that are not quite as bad. The sins you ascribe to the antis cover quite a range. Insisting pedophiles shouldn't babysit seems less loathsome than a pedophile genocide if taken literally.

As for Dissident, I have no reason to think he has done anything wrong beyond having some wacky ideas, being long-winded and pedantic, and favoring rhetoric over careful thought. Anyone who feels hurt has a simple remedy: stop reading.

But as for Peter, setting aside any attempt to compare his apples with antis' oranges, I think he made some really bad mistakes and hurt people, including Margaux. The bad guys I was referring to include Peter but also include worse people who know they are doing harm.

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