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Homosexual and women's rights...

Posted by Dissident on Sunday, May 06 2018 at 01:43:12AM
In reply to Do we inhabit different universes? posted by manbot on Saturday, May 05 2018 at 4:33:30PM

... are now considered fully "acceptable" groups for liberals to support. In fact, both are the darlings of the liberal community, with SJWs not only arguing for their equality but for their revenge-based entitlement. Contemporary liberals will ignore the fact that their predecessors were totally against the rights of both demographics in the past, believing firmly that women belonged in the kitchen and under the "protection" of men; while homosexuals belonged in the closet, the loony bin, or jail. To these earlier liberals, they treated women as they treat kids today, and treated homosexuals essentially the same way they treat MAPs today.

Of course, if pressured to acknowledge this past, they will concede that they were wrong then while insisting they couldn't be wrong now (they didn't imagine they could be wrong then, either), and argue it's always been a given that women and homosexuals deserved their rights, no matter what the consensus opinion was back then--even among liberals living during that era. They will then argue that what the consensus believes about kids and MAPs absolutely does matter, however. They never learn.

They never acknowledge the mistakes of history, including those wrought by their very own predecessors, including the continuously proven fact that draconian laws, prohibition, Nanny State imperatives, and moral panics never result in anything good for any group in society. They simply do not care, insisting it will be different this time, that this time around they will control these out of control political tactics and insure they only go "so far" and only serve the greater good this time.

Their ideology absolutely requires willful ignorance of history.


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