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GM: Just met girl of my dreams...

Posted by Trillion on Sunday, May 06 2018 at 7:44:34PM

No, she wasn't smokin hot. Yes, she was blonde, but she wasn't model material. That's not to say she wasn't pretty - she sure was as far as I'm concerned, but I don't think that the physical is where it is, really.

And, her mind...

I was at a bbq yesterday afternoon, and she was there too (well, obviously, duh). I didn't approach her. We just happened to be sitting near each other, and she overheard what I was saying to another (adult) who was also sitting with me. And she raised very reasonable objections to what we both were saying.

The other adult stood up and left, laughing at her and saying that she is just a kid, what does she know.

But I wanted to know what she knew.

We spent the next 2 and a half hours talking, everything from politics to everyday stuff. And she knows a lot of shit. She was able to engage me for around 30 minutes in a very meaningful (and, I mean very meaningful) discussion about politics, and where she thought things were going, and as someone who follows politics rigorously (I don't bring that stuff here, but I still do follow politics), I could not fault her logic, despite disagreements on some points. On which, by the way, she graciously gave way, allowing further discourse.

That's not to say I didn't return that favor, but I did note her readiness to do that.

We also had a very engaging conversation about the generalities of life from a kids' viewpoint, which I found extremely enlightening (and, encouraging). I certainly learnt a lot from her, that's for sure.

My conversation with her was erudite, with her besting me on some points. I noted the relish and enthusiasm with which she discussed, but she never tried to score points - she was just earnest in her opinion, and just seemed genuinely pleased to find someone else to talk with.

She is 11 years old. I will never meet her again, I know that. But she is the first person in a very long time, to be that girl of my dreams. I would like to spend hours, days, with her discussing things. I think that she is an incredible, remarkable human being, and she has my respect and admiration. I should have told her that, but as we parted, I was too shy.

The adult who walked off as my conversation with this wonderful girl began came back after she had had gone. How wonderful it was of me, he said, to have entertained such a child, with all her silly ideas.

I told him to fuck off.

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