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She is that which beats wings (repost)

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, May 07 2018 at 02:52:44AM

Priscilla, circa 2003. Love her shirt, and her schoolgirl skirt.

(Get her before she gets nixed.)

Youtube has shadow-banned this video. It used to be MUCH easier to locate. It is now nearly impossible. Thank you to our kind old friend in Belarus, a country I'd love to visit someday.

The entire concert is available as well, for those willing to search (Olympic 2003). She changes outfits. This one rocks me the most. She is even more beautiful in earlier videos, but her mannerisms seem perfected here. Incredibly though, she was just as confident at an even younger age.

I have yet to see the American version of Priscilla's free expression. Not even Miley herself knew how to be so intensely sensual without resorting to the trashy-explicit. There IS a difference, and Hollywood still can't seem to figure it out. Maybe it doesn't want to. I dunno.

Girls owning their sensuality. We all have our examples. This one's mine.


• ( https link ) Que Bat Des Ailes

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