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Pedar and Dan Schneider Accusations

Posted by LOD on Monday, May 07 2018 at 11:13:04PM

In case you haven't been following, Dan Schneider, the producer behind many popular Nickelodeon shows such as Drake and Josh and Icarly, has been fired from Nickelodeon after accusations of being a pedophile with a foot fetish. He was been accused of paying some of the girls on his shows to allow him to massage their feet. You can read about it here:

The funny thing is, I had always kind of suspected he was a fellow pedo. I had even made a post a long time ago (like more than ten years ago) mentioning one of the episodes from Drake and Josh "Little Diva", which I thought was really hot, and how I thought whoever wrote it was probably a fellow pedo. It's just funny to me how no one else ever saw it before and how only now, after accusations from a supporting actress, it's being looked at suspiciously.

Now there's a chance the accusations are false and he's innocent, but I highly doubt it. The guy definitely has a foot fetish and is most definitely a pedo. We pedos tend to think alike and engage in our admiration of young beauty in a way that is secret to non-pedos.

I don't think Schneider is a bad guy and I hope the best for him. None of the accusations against him are particularly hideous. He paid some girl to massage her feet, so what? The only thing I wouldn't agree with is if he used that to determine if they had a job or not. If he said, "hey you need to let me do this or you can't be on this show." But I don't know if he did that or not. But I'll always be grateful for his work. He had some great starlets on his shows with some super cute feet! It's sad to see it come to an end.

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