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Thanks, bud!

Posted by Oakowi on Monday, May 14 2018 at 02:35:41AM
In reply to Then posted by jd420 on Friday, May 11 2018 at 11:42:03PM

Thanks, for the help. I'm just thinking of building a new computer from parts. The current one, I have is nearly nine years old. It's been very reliable compared to the more expensive computers and still gets the job done and looks good! Sorry your post was edited though, you are always helpful. I was going around my new neighborhood, and saw this girl playing basketball with a long Tinkerbell T-shirt and short shorts (I saw when the wind blew, nearly look like panties. I LOVE nature when this happens because it's legal!!). She saw me looking and gave a weak smile, I kept walking and looked back and she gave me another weak smile. She looked about 9-11 years old. Short red hair, and almost tomboyish. She was very cute, and then a guy came up, and carted her off, I guess it was her dad, but he didn't look like her much, but he did give me the same weak smile she did. I guess she's a start, since she will be one of my new neighbors.


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