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Posted by jd420 on Friday, May 11 2018 at 11:42:03PM
In reply to Delaware is the first state to end Child Marriage posted by Oakowi on Friday, May 11 2018 at 0:14:04PM

I was unable to provide a link


This is south of Jersey, and establishes a charming base for an attack on WaDC for an offshore organization which has committed multiple terrorist attacks on the US. Naturally, the security response for their own lives will likely be similar to the security response for civilian lives, "twenty bucks and I'll help you [deleted]."

Boston would have to take over Jersey to save the capitol (and they just stopped [deleted] Boston); taking over Pennsylvania would be more profitable. Someone wants to move 100% made-in-the-americas cocaine in the region, the only question is if it would be enough. The party I would actually ask for the region, to the best of my knowledge, does not have operations in that area - which may be why this route was chosen.

The other major party in the area is the Black Guerilla Family; there's some damn good work in the area...

...but there's rumors of what may well be sabotage directly targeting Baltimore.

Conversely, Obama's other major act besides opening with anti-lynching was child marriage. You can now appoint literally anyone to medical power of attorney and don't have to worry about overdrafts with a shared debit account. This... is basically required in a republic.

Obama... still in Chicago. I do not expect Chicago to be able to drop everything they're doing and cross a massive area; the tri-border area of Cinncinati would be more profitable, anyways, in that regard.

So, the most rational response given the militias that can respond is to turn the entire atlantic shelf into a seperatist African state. Sadly, the DEA shut down publishing of the Black Book, preventing folks on this board from just foisting it on used bookstores in Jersey; Delaware has about a third the African population as it does white folk.

Most of the Northeast should be able to be converted on an "oh yeah, we're Unionist" basis. The fact that the 2008 financial crisis is very well documented as racketeering to enforce segregation should be fairly easy to use as a boost. These folks fought for this, for centuries. They shed their blood and died for this. Trump's assault on MS13 in the area probably did not help, to the point of being a prerequisite for attacking the capitol. Considering [deleted] in relation to this event, it is fair to say that the Trump administration has participated in terrorist attacks upon the United States.

It... wasn't Russia. It is treason, but it wasn't Russia.

Anyways... armed Black militias are currently the only organizations within reach. I suppose we should thank the founders for slavery, importing a fuckton of population to the area around DC which would be the only armies which could, if they chose, defend the capitol while the government fucks off and/or commits treason in the middle of a war on its own soil. Yay.

Delaware itself is mostly UBN. The logical thing to do is peace down, turn that around, and pincer the fuck out of Jersey. Push east. It's probably worth noting here that De Cavalacte and Patriarca are reputed to have diplomatic relations with each other, if it's worth anything.

DC... ain't going to save itself, and if anyone else was doing it, I'd say let them [deleted]. It's not. So... one large, unified nation state, I presume.


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