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To 4 - 20 : Raccoon

Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, May 20 2018 at 5:56:13PM
In reply to Once upon heaven and hell, May 2018 posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, May 15 2018 at 01:20:48AM


Age then: tween
Age now: late teen
Physique: medium to short height, skinny, long straight hair, Latin
Interests then: music, socnets, a little of clothing / fashion, sleep, bhoys
Relationships: friend, crush, LGF, ex LGF
Positives: devoted to family, good friend, thoughtful, humble, party loving
Negatives: lazy, insecure, bad at choosing boyfriends, careless about herself, party loving
Comments: Not the most beautiful girl I've known; but close enough. Extremely beautiful outside, from her long legs to her buck teeth. In spite of her defects and shortcomings, also beautiful inside. She got a rightful place as the deepest love I've had through her sweetness and love for family and her dream to be a teacher.
What she needed: I still don't know. I loved her like I never loved any girl before. Maybe I needed to push her more into loving me, but she wouldn't: she's too stubborn for that. She always knew I loved her. Or maybe I needed to be more of a bad boy. But I couldn't, not with her.

For years she was the girl who directed my life. Because of her Cousin lost her predominance. Because of her I knew, befriended and became family to Mom. Because of her I knew her eventual successor, Gunner. She taught me about love, about dedication, about all things in life. I wanted everything with her and everything for her. But she did not. I have since moved on, but not without pain. And yet, I will always love her. Like Epiphany, Goddess, and Cousin, she changed my life. She probably will never grasp it, but my love for her is eternal, totally heartfelt, and I'll thank her forever for allowing me to experience it, because it changed me for the better. Even as now the girl I experience it for is not her anymore.

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