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The Loli Without Parents In An Old Fashioned Dress

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, May 25 2018 at 08:15:19AM
In reply to Actually no, screw that. posted by Eeyore on Friday, May 25 2018 at 06:00:19AM

Many loli moments ago, in a time before GC existed, I was in my 20's on a first date with a girl who as always was younger than me, but not by much. We went to a beachside amusement park.

For the only time in my life, this was a date with a girl I didn't really like much, but the situation and how we had met, as well as a sort of naivety she had, made me feel compelled to be a gentleman and take her out on a date after finding out she liked me. In any case, we really had nothing in common, and so I found it sort of easy to be relaxed, and found myself easily distracted by the sights and sounds around me.

Of course we got cotton candy. We played some games and I felt good when I won her a small stuffed animal. She looked very happy, and so I was glad.

There were bumper cars, and she wanted to go on them. I loved bumper cars when I was little, so I readily agreed. It would be fun:) So we waited with a small group of other people for the last ride to finish.

Details being a little hazy these years later, I remember the girl I was with was looking at the action going on with the ride. I remember seeing a girl about 8 or so, wearing some kind of dress. It might have been a sun dress, but for whatever reason, I remember it as an old fashioned light blue frilly dress from long ago.

She was standing near us with her little brother who was probably about 6, and she seemed to be in charge of him. She had big striking dark eyes and dark chestnut hair a little past her shoulders. I remember she was adjusting her dress or something, and had pulled it up really high so that I could see her thigh. She looked athletic. Her legs were toned, like she was in gymnastics or a dancer or something. I felt my heart pitter patter. She slowly looked over at me and smiled. Ack! I smiled a little bashfully and quickly looked away.

When I looked back at her again, she caught me again, and smiled. Now I was on her LG radar.

On the bumper cars, my date and I had separate cars. The ride is about to start.

"Hey, YOU!" I look around. It's the little girl and her brother is sitting next to her (or maybe he's not, I forget). "I'm going to bump you!" Her smile was big and mischievous and gorgeous. I opened my mouth with a fake look of shock to keep her smiling. "Oh yeah?"

The bumper cars start. My date is trying to hit me, but she's not that skillful or she got the car that needed repair or something. All I remember is that me and cutie were in a challenge, and it was on.

She actually hit me pretty good a few times. Someone else had rammed me into a corner and she saw her opportunity and T-boned me head on with no mercy. I yelled out in defeat, and she laughed with joy. Another lap around the course and I hit her back as she squealed, trying to get away. I look over to see the ride operator trying to help my date out of the corner where all the empty cars sit.

We go around a few more times and the ride is over. As we all exit, the little girl comes up to us. She looks at the older girl I'm with, then at me, then at her.

"Is he your husband?" She asks.
"No, he's my..." She looks over at me.
"Date." I quickly finish her sentence.
"Oh.... he's fun." My date laughs.
"And handsome." she adds. I blush a little. My date laughs some more.
Then she tells us her first name. By now I feel like we need to leave before her parents see her chatting with strangers. I don't see any parents though.

We walked around a bit more. Eventually my date wanted to go on some kind of twirly ride with the cars that hang 3 to a bar and swing you in circles as the ride also goes in circles. G-force was never really loved by my stomach, but I agree anyway. We were leaving soon.

We're in our car waiting for other people to get into the other ones. Suddenly I see the little girl from before in a car behind us. She sees us and waves and yells hi to us. Trying to be funny, my date says "Look, Eeyore, it's your little girlfriend."

I smile. "I wish." said Eeyore on the inside.

"Yeah, I still don't see her parents anywhere, do you?" It struck me as strange. I get one more look at her before the ride starts. She's really pretty. Oh, well. Yet another LG I'll never get to see again. I feel a little wave of sadness pass through me.

"Hey, YOU!" she yells, with people everywhere. I can see she is looking right at me.

"Uhh.. (I feel my throat closing and swallow hard).. yes?" I try to say in a low key voice with utter futility.


It echoed, at least in my head. We're outdoors, so it probably didn't.
But it's loud.
Very LOUD.
She yelled it. There are people everywhere. I am mortified. And feeling a little scared.

She waits, with a huge smile on her face. Whether it is just innocent pride in her new Austin Powers accent, or pride that she knows I'm attracted to her or how to embarrass the living shit out of me in a public place, I've never been able to decide. I immediately see several adults along the barrier that circles the ride, and they are all looking at me, scanning me. A feeling of paranoia sweeps over me and without responding to her I turn away and look straight ahead. I hold the bar like a vice grip. "Oh, god," I hear myself mumble. I feel sick and the ride hasn't even begun yet.

*Covert giggling noises*

I turn to the girl next to me. She is laughing at me, unaware of course that I have any interest in way younger girls.

"You've been acting so cool around me, but a little girl just made you turn bright red."

"Yeah. Err, imagine that. Heh." I grip the bar even tighter. In this moment I want to either teleport or grow wings and fly far away. I still imagine the adults are staring at me, and I still don't know if her parents are anywhere nearby. Did they hear it as well?

I don't remember if we said goodbye again. I don't remember anything after her little lightning bolt comment to me.


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