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Incels and Feminism

Posted by Baldur on Wednesday, June 06 2018 at 05:58:12AM
In reply to Crazy Incel Misogynist (who mixes in some logic) posted by Eeyore on Monday, June 04 2018 at 02:24:36AM

I am NOT closely informed on what the incel community is up to, but it seems to me that they are a natural result of Feminism. Boys who grow up shaped by feminists attempt to do everything that feminists tell them they should do in order to be desired by women, and of course that doesn't work because women detest the sort of men that feminists say all men should be like. So naturally incels attempt to figure out where they went wrong, and conclude that they should be the sort of men that feminists hate - but again they turn to the feminist idea of what an "ordinary" man is like, which is a cartoonish image of a rapist who considers women his property and who is backed up by a "patriarchy" of like-minded men. In this the incels probably get some confirmation, because although the results are still awful they are better than the results they get by following the feminist playbook.


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