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Why we don't need idiots like Tommy Robinson

Posted by Trillion on Wednesday, June 13 2018 at 02:30:04AM

And I'm sorry, Eeryore, because I know he's your favorite guy right now.

But Tommy Robinson is a nasty, vicious racist, who wouldn't be going after nasty predators if they were white. He only tries to go after sadist predators if they are Asian or black, because he wants to prove a point that sexual predators are ONLY Asian or black, and by extension all immigrants are sadistic child predators - and this muddies the waters around the whole thing, because he wants to show to the public that somehow the only predators are 'immigrants'

And this is because of his anti-immigrant agenda.

We want to protect our girls, but Tommy Robinson is happy for our girls to be molested and raped - but only if it's by white men. He is a misogynist, and from what I understand for him that's fine - just so long as it's only white men that are doing the abusing. Because he is a white supremacist who believes in quasi-Nazi theory.

He is not interested in protecting girls, he is just interested in supporting and promoting his own twisted cause - and he is happy to use (or, should that be, abuse?) our girls to further his cause - even if that means that men who have done terrible things get off scot-free.

He is a nasty piece of work, and I'm sorry, Eeyore, but you're backing the wrong horse here.

And yes, I've done my research. Please, Eeyore, do some of your own, and don't take things on face value.



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