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Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, June 14 2018 at 06:39:44AM
In reply to Why we don't need idiots like Tommy Robinson posted by Trillion on Wednesday, June 13 2018 at 02:30:04AM

Apparently there is either not much opinion on this guy, or I should have made the post on the weekend.

I think your claim that he's a racist needs a little more support if you've done as much research as you say. I can't simply accept your label without some supporting facts. (Sorry, I've been enduring the obsessive American NPR race-division ploy since Hillary was about to run, so I am needing some concrete examples on that).

Again though, thank you Trillion for daring to give your opinion on this. People are clamming up these days, afraid to say what they think or suspect, and that's bad for everyone.


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