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Who paid for Jumonville Glen?

Posted by kratt on Wednesday, June 20 2018 at 2:55:18PM
In reply to Boston Brahmins posted by Baldur on Tuesday, June 19 2018 at 02:46:52AM

"The reasons for American Independence were established throughout the colonies. It is hard to know exactly when and where they began. They were largely the result of a distant administration that had little real contact with or understanding of the people they theoretically ruled, and who used intermediaries who frequently took advantage of their official positions for their own personal gain. In other words, it resembled the present in many ways.

Several currents combined into the movement toward independence. The aristocracy, primarily in Virginia, resented being treated as second class citizens by their British contemporaries despite their factual equality (in wealth, ability, education, and family lines). Merchants resented the laws that protected English merchants against competition from their kin who happened to reside in America. Frontiersmen were upset about corrupt colonial governments that abused them and refused to enact necessary laws for their protection.

There were a number of protests against colonial misrule throughout the colonies over the years preceding. One of the most important was the Regulator movement from 1765 to 1771 in the Carolinas.

We seldom hear about the Tea Parties throughout the colonies - but they occurred in ports from South Carolina to Maine. Yet we only hear about the one in Boston."

In 1754, the 11,1 million people of Britain - not U Kingdoms, Great Britain and Ireland taken separately and combined - paid £ 6 800 000 revenues. And owed £ 72 millions. Then George Washington assassinated Jumonville and launched a world war.
By 1764, there were 11,7 million people in Britain - who now had to pay £ 10 200 000 yearly. And owed £ 134 millions.
By 1774, the population of Britain was 12,3 million - but they now had to pay £ 10 600 000 yearly. And still owed £ 128 millions.
That year, American colonies were paying mere £ 141 000. Exclusive of Maryland and North Carolina - but inclusive of West Indies!
Those 2,8 million people had cost the Britons a war which left them in debt of £ 62 millions extra. They should have needed over 400 years to repay the cost of the war they launched.

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