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Posted by jd420 on Monday, June 25 2018 at 04:01:24AM
In reply to Pride Weekend posted by Aladdin Truelove on Friday, June 22 2018 at 5:25:59PM

Jealous, because they can express their sexuality so openly and flagrantly here, without fear... Whereas, we can't.

I have done this. I spent years as a pride-parade-of-one across multiple cities in multiple states/provinces.

So, "can't" is... not the case. It just takes not giving a damn.

the LGBT movement threw so many groups under the bus, just so that they could have their silly parade, silly floats...

Is that petty?

...and you will be there to remind them in 40 years, when opportunism involves denying these things ever happened. They sort of set themselves up to be fucking pariah, "every queer but you."

We have some pretty damn good working relations in that community on the original principles, though. And frankly, throwing boylove under the bus was a good idea, just an incomplete one; we support 'em because they're queer, not because they're gay. NepiGL or zoophilia is a more natural ally.

From that seat, anyways. If you're the local socialist party and there IS no homosexual equality law or court ruling, NAMBLA uber alles.

If you actually get into the work, even alone, you WILL be working with the HRC and the NCLR. Just because you're in roughly the same field.

...and if you're in the US, you've had hate crimes protection for about a goddamn decade. Just so you know.


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