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Please Grab Your Feather Quills

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, July 03 2018 at 08:15:23AM

(Because I'm declaring something really really important. For the record, I mean).

I've got aggressive people who can't lay off their junk dismissing my views on girl love out of hand without having read anything I ever posted here on a daily basis for nearly a decade.

Others declaring they've not only grasped my character as a human being, but want it on record that their worldly wisdom deems it to be unfit and unworthy (um, after they already told us they still live with mom and dad).

Am I suddenly stuck in the twilight zone at this place? These are my sudden new nemeses? Do they think they're in charge of GC or are going to run me off or something? Who are they? They certainly think highly of their abilities, and have come to consider this place their personal domain, but let me put something of my own on record:

When you come to a place of comradery and shared attractions as a hated minority, and you proceed to use it to snivel at others whose identity you claim to share, to mock their contributions, to smack down their related experiences with anti-social derision and feeble attempts at humiliation, all while expecting others to sit passively while you brag about having too many girls to know what to do with (NOT girl love, btw), then you're going to catch some well-deserved heat in return.

Others may disagree with statements made at this place, but if they cannot even attempt to debate with substantive arguments, then they aren't much better, are they.

Also, I know I deeply "pissed off" somebody who said they were "glad" one of our former posters was dead. Hopefully if he has more to say on the matter, he'll have the guts to use the same nic to confront me as he used to spit on their grave without even feeling a need to give a reason. Nice guy.

I'm not one to roll over, guise. All you're really doing is inspiring me, so if a challenge is what you seek, I suggest you keep your vulnerable giant egos inflated with sheltered lives or assisting substances, because you're going to need it:)

Clown to the left of me, joker to the right.


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