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Posted by jd420 on Wednesday, July 04 2018 at 01:20:44AM

You know, if you send someone on a magical voyage - say, venezuela and brazil by way of guayana, marching onwards - and you don't want them phoning home, one is going to need...

...some way to announce this which is very, very public.

Basically everyone noticed the injection, I assume; Trump's sudden expansionist bitching (didn't you promise isolationism and domestic infrastructure?), the increase in hate crimes in brazil, attacks on unatsbo, sudden and simultaneous unrest in honduras and guatemala... etc.

...but some of the datapoints might not be as obvious to those without other issues on their mind.

We have the "ethnic studies" riot, and the a.h.m database cluster in snottsdale; I don't know how one gets from nogales to scottsdale in the best possible way, but I'm sure someone does.

We also have the massive corruption in Vegas.

When the average internet Nazi rants about "the Jews" and some great Jewish conspiracy, consciously or not (there's a lot of idiots on that ship), they're referring to a roughly-zero-BC ultraleft anarchist movement. Abandon your posessions and wander around naked in the Garden of Eden. Christianity is one example of this, and maintains the "have no posessions" and "free love" tenets. There were others, and it basically hits the checklist of the fiction of "cultural marxism," which (like socialism, apparently) Marx actually hated - he purged every anti-racist he could find, for instance.

Because of this, there are a crapton of "stay-behind troops" in naturism...'s not just Nikki Craft... and because of this, laws which prevent naturist activities, like the one in Vegas, generate a LOT of interest.

So, it's... pretty likely that the cell operating in Weed and making occasional forays into Ashland (which also has an anti-nudity law) comes... from miami.

Here's a route map.

Looking up HIV prevalence data and watching it creep along the same route should be enough to deter any notion that it's being run directly out of florida or fort benning. One has to love folk who are so batshit crazy that they'll drop a developing agent all over their trafficking routes that traces right back home, just to kill people.

A route like this pretty much suggests that the troubles in Arizona did not come westward through Oklahoma. It explains much of SoCal's earlier troubles, and with its current avoidance (and SoCal's current success), suggests that a small bit of rap music I heard on the street but could not find online was correct. It also suggests that the takeover of NorCal that was several years in the making, but is mostly as successful as their declaration of takeover in europe around 2004 or so (they're sort of comical), exists entirely because they're scared to enter the rest of California.

Trail grows cold north of Honduras for a while. Only real clue I have is remembering their takeover of the Yucatan during the attack on the Farc peace conference...

...but, pardon the dubious site, I'm sure someone will be along to tell us.

tl;dr, the cell in Weed that keeps fucking with Ashland (and Newport/Issaquah/etc by way of their brewery) is apparently not a remote cell, but is run from SA via the glaring route which glows on the AoC chart, HIV prevalence charts, and more.

This... should make it possible to fuck with their upstream directly. I'm just kinda happy that it's possible to know everything that connects to troubles in NorCal and Arizona.


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