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Ping: GC Mods, VoA, LL, ect. a favor for a friend.

Posted by kissbyalice on Monday, July 09 2018 at 11:21:21AM

So to make a very long story short a long time IRL friend of mine (who until very recently I thought was a non.) came out to me, and I really didn't know whom to reach out other than I told him that about GC, VoA and LL and would attempt to put in a good word if they chose to use to post here.

Prior to this they had 0 knowledge of that the online CLer community existed at all. So the usual in shock surprised that we have an online community.

If there's anything I could be missing. (I tried to my best extent to help but and go over how to live a happy successful life as a GLer.)

(They are non-exclusive hence why I was caught a little off guard.)

VoA admin and mod team,

I know we don't get along that's not my place and ultimately if they find VoA helpful all I ask if you give them a fair shot, because it's about them not me. + without publicly saying a whole lot about my friend they might fit into maybe one of their projects and be helpful to your community? I tried to explain various things VoA has done in the past if they wanted to have a girl related outlet/ side hobby figured you'd be the place. Though I'm not 100% sure where their comfort level is at the moment. They might just end up lurking on GC.

LL team,
I tried explaining LL when the immediate subject was brought up I told them about LL, LL was closed at the time. maybe I can get them to pop into LL as I think that might be the most immediate help.



I tried my best to give an overall description of famous GLer's throughout history, girl related famous artists, and (I don't think I mentioned books.), or for that matter I skipped out on the entire scientific research that's been done thus far.

Maybe other posters could post helpful things? Condensing my entire time in the GLer community into a rather short talk good chance I forgot or missed something. I might just direct them to this thread?


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