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Try this for starters:

Posted by Baldur on Tuesday, July 10 2018 at 00:46:41AM
In reply to Ping: GC Mods, VoA, LL, ect. a favor for a friend. posted by kissbyalice on Monday, July 09 2018 at 11:21:21AM

Some resources(copy and paste - for some reason technical problems with a hot link):

Also, some famous girl lovers in history: Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson), John Ruskin, Grover Cleveland, Edgar Allan Poe. There are many more, but those are a few particularly notable names.

Of course, research back in the 1980s found that about 90% of men are sometimes attracted to prepubescent girls, and looking at information about the Hajnal Line it is obvious that interest in teenagers is practically universal. The idea that there is something wrong or unusual about loving girls is only about a century and a half old, and confined to a few cultures centred around Western Europe and especially England, in the wake of Rousseau's mistaken opinions on childhood and human nature. This is of course separate from the question of sex outside marriage or a similar institution that ensured support for any resulting offspring, which was practically universal until the advent of effective birth control and the sexual revolution only 50 years ago.

Throw in the implications of neoteny in the evolution of humanity and it's pretty clear that an attraction to young girls is an essential part of humanity and is linked to the rise of human intelligence and civilization.


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