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meet anti-legalization pedophiles

Posted by EthanEdwards on Thursday, August 02 2018 at 5:20:33PM
In reply to Broken Hearts posted by billi on Tuesday, July 31 2018 at 6:29:32PM

I have some big concerns as regards child/adult sex, should it ever become legal and I know that is what pedophiles want

That would be incorrect. It is what SOME pedophiles want. It is perhaps what a majority of the regular posters on this board want. It is not what I want, and it is not what is wanted by the great majority of the 3,000 pedophiles who have made user accounts at Virtuous Pedophiles (

how pedophiles can possibly want that when any relationship they might have with a child is doomed by the child growing out of the pedophile’s (or MAP’s) AOA

I am not particularly concerned by what concerns you, however. If you suppose a child getting involved with an adult and imagine the consent is informed, it would seem most likely that the child would be the one to break things off as they grow and change. Among ordinary adults, we also have the problem of people marrying at 30 and not finding each other attractive when they get to 70 and have to fake it a bit or make do on an emotional connection. Relationships end for all kinds of reasons too.

My biggest concern in a nutshell is that there is serious risk of harm to the child which cannot be ruled out in advance. The likely power differential is worrisome, and for even a well-meaning adult, the problem is gauging just how willing or enthusiastic a child is when the answer is potentially the difference between ever having sex with someone you most want to or not. That bias is huge and the potential for harm worrisome. Age of consent also protects young teen girl against genuine indisputable rape by removing the defense of, "she said yes at the time and changed her mind later".

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