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Broken Hearts

Posted by billi on Tuesday, July 31 2018 at 6:29:32PM

I’m a non-pedophile who has been reading the material here and at BoyChat for some time and I have some big concerns as regards child/adult sex, should it ever become legal and I know that is what pedophiles want. First of all I want to know how pedophiles can possibly want that when any relationship they might have with a child is doomed by the child growing out of the pedophile’s (or MAP’s) AOA. This spells at the very least disappointment for the child, if not the real trauma of heartbreak. My goodness, how could any decent person countenance the possibility of that?

Why would they?

MAP’s certainly seem to have an enormous love for children, and become totally adoring, and devoted to any child, tween, or teen, that they become involved with, from what I read. I’m sure that most of them would just not simply *dump* someone….they would, hopefully, try to ‘let them down easy’. But after all that over-the-top concentrated love, they would have to “fake” it for some time, one supposes, and any child would certainly recognize that things are not anymore what they were. How awful that would be after the child has now become used to the non-stop adoration of the pedophile.

With all due respect….I don’t get it.

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