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your worries seem misguided

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, August 08 2018 at 03:07:02AM
In reply to Yeah, I was gonna mention that posted by Breathoflife on Monday, August 06 2018 at 0:03:22PM

Off the bat, the LGBT stuff is basically ruled by feminists, who not only view male adult pedophilia as a form of patriarchy, but even have rumblings of removing the "T" for males with a penis, as many of them see these evil males as trying to piggyback upon somebody else's movement. So if you worry for them for other reasons, *shrug* whatever, but you and I are never going to be welcomed into the hairy armpitted fold, sorry to tell you.

Wasn't Pizzagate an Alex Jones thing? Interdementional Satanic ritual pedos and Obama (or was it Podesta?) wanting more "hot dogs" brought to the hot tub or something like that?

I forget exactly, but good amusing stuff worth a watch/listen from time to time for sure. OTOH, I guess you not longer have to worry about InfoWars, since a bunch of the major social media outlets all seemed to have racketeered and committed anti-trust crimes with a coordinated ban from their corporatocracy platforms all at once a couple days ago. I have old posts at this board expressing my extreme unease about large scale social platforms being private instead of a utility which would be subject to regulations that would not allow them to simply ban expressed opinions which they didn't agree with, and the results are now starting, just prior to the most important mideterm US election in history.

The censored dominoes are starting to fall in advance of the midterm election and the October-not-a-surprise Mueller (Mueller??....Mueller??...) investigation findings that will be brought against Trump. Old Alex won't be the last for sure. As I posted many weeks ago, there's a civil war already going on in the US. The military hardware just hasn't been rolled out yet. But it's here... Wake yourselves up if you're still asleep, and plan accordingly, especially if your name and pedo identity are out there for anyone to plot against when the shat hits the fan. Never hurts to be prepared, eh? Your proverbial "bug out" plans.

As for Alex, I don't think he's focused on us everyday lowly "self-identifying" but "hired-procurer-less" pedos per say, but just using the identity for a higher purpose to smear some rather bad powerful people and far too big corporate giants, INCLUDING the MSM ones that hyped the public into a collective neurotic obsession for seeing pedophiles everywhere, and from which they probably made billions in profit from related entertainment and advertising dollars at the expense of many people suffering who had not committed any crimes.

So you know what? Good. Use what I am to bring down those tyrants and media empires that lie and manipulated the masses for years. At this point I'm glad to be used as a pawn to bring down some evil outfits, especially the CNN's and NY Times' of the western world, who in my opinion are not now, have not been for a LONG time, the voice of the people, but the profiteering dealers of fear, unease, discord, factionalization, and the manufacturers of consent for wars, at the behest of a global network of elites bent on owning the entire effing planet.

In the broader scheme of things, big bubba Jones, Mr. Pizzagate, is really just the enemy of my enemy.


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