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Well, McCain's dead...

Posted by jd420 on Sunday, August 26 2018 at 02:51:13AM

Good riddance. My only sorrow is that it didn't happen slower with less pain medication.

Many of you may know McCain primarily as the prime sponsor of the law to make concentration camps mandatory. This would be enough. It is not, however, his only crime, nor even any different than most of them - he's been a loyalist for as long as anyone can remember.

As a key figure of the "Keating Five," he was an instrumental player in the almost-certainly-very-criminal racketeering schemes surrounding demutualization and dekibbuzization. This pertains quite directly to us; the primary purpouse of child porn laws is political censorship; it is forbidden to portray life in a kibbutz or hippie commune for fear that someone might think it is a good idea.

The following is an (exceedingly hostile) account. Can you imagine recruiting actors and making a video set in this setting today?

...well, it's McCain's fault; he was deeply involved in the crime. A similar racketeering scheme was collapsed in 2008, and designed to create apartheid in US North America. The perpetrators walked, and it was basically successful. McCain's involvement in this is unknown.

He was also a major contributor to Reagan's conversion of the US government into a far-right drug trafficking organization. While he was a staunch supporter of the Contras, however, his involvement did not appear to involve the contras directly...

...but as a member of a Nazi drug cartel. That's original and German, not some new street group, in case you hadn't noticed; here's a bio of his partner and friend. you can see, this affiliation is why we have extrajudicial concentration camps in the US today. It appears to have guided his life.

Being a Nazi - an original, WWII German nazi - wasn't the only consistent devotion he had in life; he also kept up the drug trafficking...

This comprises the two main loves of John McCain's life; drug trafficking, and being a fucking Nazi, and he committed massive crimes for both. It's all the man amounts to, it's all he ever did, and the world is slightly better off now that he's gone.

Of course, this also means that Nogales is probably open. ;) Maybe someone should take advantage of that.


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