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A Canadian's point of view

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, September 02 2018 at 0:31:09PM
In reply to OFF TOPIC: Who do think "did" 9/11? posted by rocinante on Sunday, September 02 2018 at 06:43:08AM

I have viewed many controlled demolition videos and the collapse of the two towers appears consistent with the failure of the structures below the aircraft impacts due to the descending weight of the structures above the impacts. The debris cloud appears, to me, to be normal for such an event.

However, there are several questions that I find in need of more attention. First is the collapse of WTC-7. The aerial view on Wikipedia of the debris field leaves WTC-7 remarkable when other nearby buildings did not fail despite their own fires.

Whether or not there really were explosions heard from WTC-7 it moot. What does generate questions is the fact that, from news media accounts, people were claiming (not proving) they heard explosions yet the NIST report claims there were no reports nor evidence of any explosions and thus did not investigate the claims.

These two points causes me to wonder. But so, too, how is it possible that two conspiring airliners crashed into two separate buildings that, from the conspiracy theories, there were three intentional demolitions after the facts?

On both sides of the issue, things just don't add up. So, I just sit back and wonder.

A side question rides along, as well. How is it that the American public has agreed, whole heartedly, to allow the Patriot Act and other trashing of the Bill of Rights to manifest and, in fact, to continue to exist?


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