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Early September 2018 Girl Report

Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, September 08 2018 at 3:01:22PM

Missing: Gaga, Gaga's Cousin, New Girl, two other new girls, and Easterners, of which especially Tomboy and Daughter.

Working to be missed: Cousin... really. Will be back, but I need to regain my feet in more than a way before I invite her back. So far, she's doing her best not to...

Tiny Last Girl had Gunner open her her socnet pages. I need to speak to her on the meatspace before online, but increasingly it looks realistic to actually speak to her. I haven't seen her for more than a year. I miss her. And going by her pics, she's still as pretty and as fun as she ever was.

Thatcher is so sexy. And she's also so mature and well centered now. She has a wedding date already. She is the LGF I never had and I never will have. But she is, more than anyone else in the world, the girl who has most proved to me that Love works, and that Girls need Love. I will miss her, as I already do. As I predicted, she is the girl who I can most, best, most completely, regard as a friend. Our talks are deep, meaningful, unique. Something in me wishes we married. But most of all, I want that friend to be the witness to my marriage to...

Gunner, soft, light, skinny, warm, intoxicating. I could drown in her feet and in her hair, and anywhere in between. I could kiss her knees, her belly, and each of her fingers. My lips know her cheeks almost by heart. My head rests nowhere better than on her shoulders or between her hands. My hands are designed to comb her hair, massage her back, and walk with fingers intertwined. My arms are made to hold her, tight and firm, but tender and sweet. And carry ourselves to heaven inside the cloud of her scent.
I'm hers.

Gunner's classmates are going out more often as all grow up. I approve. They're all pretty (that I know) and I'd love to one day take them out myself. They're growing up. They're settling into tween and teen friendships. I miss them too. The ones I miss most are the ones I've talked most with -- two girls I want in my life unconditionally and who I want to show Love and Life to. Oh, and Gunner says one just had a birthday. My favorite one, actually.

Tinkerbell, after the last time, hasn't called back. I'll try to show up again and again. She needs me. And I want to look into her eyes and tell her that life will be right. Because we together are unbeatable.

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