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I will never understand this

Posted by Cirk on Saturday, September 15 2018 at 02:22:21AM
In reply to pretty much posted by Baldur on Saturday, September 15 2018 at 01:09:29AM

First off, yes, we are talking about contemporary "feminists" here. Like we've seen with the Civil Rights movement, once the goals have been met the hangers-ons tend to be the militant loonies who resort to simply imagining problems. Milk is racist, Rice Krispies are sexist. Rethink breakfast.

I have been noticing lately a double standard in general opinion regarding the sexualization of girls vs. boys. This double standard has always existed, as far as I remember, but it is getting particularly obvious now. I am not talking how adults view them. I am talking about the children or adolescents themselves. Where is the outcry from feminists? Why are they not supporting these girls?

I also have never understood why feminists insist on desexualization. Doesn't that defeat the purpose? They want to be accepted as women and girls. Their means to this is denying feminine qualities? What a bunch of coons!


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