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A brief retrospective after the flash in the pan..

Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, October 02 2018 at 02:23:07AM

...puns not intended.

The anti-trans raid of a while back, so readily tied to the multnomah-linked bombings, arson, etc, has pretty much solidified itself as focused entirely between the great lakes and, well, cardiff/manchester, more or less.

Of course...'s also posited itself as being foremost an attack on youth autonomy. As such, it's... mostly an attack on us, and thus our vital interest to allow them absolutely zero purchase in that zone. I'm thinking live-arsoning TERFs individually.

One more thing came out of this...

There is no such post in r/ainbow; r/ainbow exists entirely because the r/lgbt subs spent the 2012 raid ranting about "the jews," which sort of put a few people off. As such, we can write this off to "internal coordination."

...but, a surprising amount of the folks manning the controlled and coordinated thread have ties to the UK; this appears to be the base of operation.

So... that's kind of interesting. Meanwhile, when I suggest no peace for pedophobes and ephebiphobes... I'm talking about youth rights, and suggest we get to it.

We have a zone, and front, of operation.


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