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lack of self awareness

Posted by Baldur on Tuesday, October 02 2018 at 04:42:13AM
In reply to A brief retrospective after the flash in the pan.. posted by jd420 on Tuesday, October 02 2018 at 02:23:07AM

From that last link, from reddit, "kristyon" writes in the comments:

"Child abusers will actually persuade their victims that their actions are just a different kind of sexuality and that they are somehow a victim of predjudice themselves.

"Source: heard first hand from an abused child when I worked in Social Services. She believed it too.

"I hope they all die a slow painful agonising death."

So the author knew a girl who personally had a sexual relationship with an adult and believed that that relationship was good, and that adults like her lover were victims of prejudice. The author denies such a possibility and wishes a slow, painful, agonizing death upon the adult this girl loves and everyone like them.

With that sort of lack of self awareness, I wonder if the author would pass the mirror test. Is it even sentient? It is clearly not sapient.


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