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I'm trying to make a point here

Posted by Gimwinkle on Friday, October 05 2018 at 3:54:40PM
In reply to It brings a question for me to ponder posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, October 04 2018 at 08:46:24AM

So, pencil lines on paper can be considered illegal, depending on how you draw those lines.

Of course, to further illustrate my point (to society, not to the choir here), why is it illegal for me to walk in the park and pee on a tree? Dogs are allowed to do it. Why can't I?

Society makes millions of rules for the whole of society as well as for the many individual subsocieties of that whole. A great many of those rules are actually funny because they are so stupid. In Huron, South Dakota, it is unlawful to cause static. At least, it’s illegal between 7am and 11pm. After 11pm is okay. You are not permitted to throw your poop out of a moving car in Oregon. That would make sense, of course. But don’t even think about leaving a container of pee on the side of the highway, unless you also want to get fined $250.

Okay, to get to the more serious ones, here in Toronto, it is... I repeat, it IS... legal to turn left at a red stoplight providing it turned red while you were waiting to make the turn. Further more, you may proceed through the intersection at the red stoplight, as well. And, yes, in Toronto, hundreds of people each year die because of this stupid law when cars impact in intersections while the ambiguous red light law permits it.

So, it's illegal to kiss a little girl? No, so long as you are already in the intersection when the light turns red, go ahead and kiss the little girl.


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