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Nothing's changed, nothing will change

Posted by Balto on Saturday, October 06 2018 at 01:06:16AM

I am emotionally dead to you
Counting down the days until we're through
Your son doesn't call you a father
So keep coming with them dollars

Because you know you're guilty of treason
Knife in the back without a reason
While he's confessing his emotions like he's confessing crimes
Would I have known, would I have been so kind?

This is what he gets though, turn him out (but don't forget to top him up)
Don't try fighting this, kid - like what are you, dumb?
Just forget that you exist, go back to your antisocial cave
Until you can manage to spit whatever words we demand you to say

You're statistically proven, you're a menace, you're a fucking psycho
Let me take your family away from you and we'll see how that goes
Maybe he'll blow up finally, wrap a belt around his neck and let go
But the trick is, when the time comes, nobody's gonna know

Here's the thing, everybody seems to have a problem with me
Because I broke down talking about romantic attraction to my little niece
Whom, lest we forget, at the ripe old age of ten years old
Smiled ear to ear and requested that I orally manipulate her asshole

If I was her mother, I would've slapped her in the face
If I was her father, I would've belittled her and called her a disgrace
But I was just her big uncle who loved her more than words could ever describe
So I bit my tongue and brushed it off and looked to the side

Didn't want to fuck her up, didn't want to make her feel bad
About feelings that she was having that she didn't choose to have
Anyway, that isn't the point - the point is, I'm telling you:
You don't have a right to destroy me over things that ain't true

Crimes that I never committed, inappropriate things that I never did
But because these stupid fuckers want to tell me that just because I like kids
(Which is something you never had a problem with until it came to all this)
I'm inherently a person not worthy of knowing what courtesy is

Doomed from the start, that's the way it is - was
You, Dad, I thought you were someone I could count on, huh
Guess I came to the wrong conclusions based on things I said previously
That when haters try to play me you would be sticking up for me

After all that, all I could really say I had left was my dignity
But you immediately turn and start reinforcing everybody's bigotry
Guess I'm the villain now, guess there's nothing I can do about it
Like you said, Dad, nothing's changed so I'll just shut up about it

And oh, by the way, when a person is cut down
Loses the better half of everything he loves, beaten to the ground:
Was I acting antisocial? Aw, haha, fuck, I didn't notice
Sorry to inconvenience you in my desperate struggle for the surface

Keep treating me like a sex offender, like that's what I deserve
Save your concern, just be sure that when I crash I can burn (haha)
Understand, old-timer, I got over a million more words
That stigmatic inaccuracies and ensuing betrayals ensure

Will never be heard.

Suck it.

~ Bow

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