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Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, October 21 2018 at 9:34:40PM
In reply to PING! Eeyore posted by GL_in_lyrics on Sunday, October 21 2018 at 6:46:23PM

I'm pretty sure there's a standardized term for a post like that, but I can't seem to recall what it is. I must be drunk perhaps. Any particular reason you chose to make a dramatic public post instead of sending a private message? Just wondering.

I wasn't offended by anything in the chat, so I have no idea what you're talking about. About the only thing around here that ever offends me are liars and ulterior hostile motives. We had a lot of years of that.

However, our interactions have indeed seemed to be a little clunky several times now. Not all girl lovers are good friendship matches strictly because they both like girls. This took years to figure out myself, so no offense is intended when I say that.

We should all be allies if we truly are attracted to and care about girls. Best pals with every other girl lover you meet? That's a path of pain, and we already have enough of that being hated for who we love.

By the way, there's a longstanding unwritten rule that what's discussed in chat stays in chat. There's not much point going there if you know other people are going to bring what's said in there, out here, for the world. For instance, would everyone from chat like me to share their personal stories of girls they have known here on a public forum? For many, I suspect not, regardless of what they say having to adhere to the same terms of legality there that they do here.

You've been around enough years to know that.

And please stop apologizing to me for things. I'm just a stranger on the internet. It's all good.

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