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An aside for any newbs

Posted by Dante on Tuesday, October 23 2018 at 01:00:03AM
In reply to Wow posted by Eeyore on Sunday, October 21 2018 at 9:34:40PM

"By the way, there's a longstanding unwritten rule that what's discussed in chat stays in chat."

True dat.

As an old-timer you'll know that chat is modded the same way the board is.

The paranoid among us assume that not only have LEOs joined the board, but that some have even made it into chat and have glazed-over with boredom from the "more of the same" atmosphere.

Chat is an intimate Jazz club to the board's concert-stadium. But its the same acts on the bill; even if we don't speak on the board of that harpsichord rendition of Stairway To Heaven.



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