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Posted by rainbowloom on Monday, October 29 2018 at 01:56:26AM

In the coming decade, the Age of Consent will be lowered to 14 in many noteworthy countries and states where it is currently higher; attitudes towards teenage sexuality will continue to become more refined and relaxed, shedding the knee-jerk sex-negative moralizing which prompted the biologically, sociologically, and psychologically non-viable "16-and-above" trend; and a new social awareness should begin to be cultivated (among socially liberal types) which informally stresses the difference between someone who lusts after and "uses" young girls (i.e., a sexual predator) and someone who feels a natural affinity towards young girls for morally justifiable reasons (e.g., he feels protective, nurturing, caring, gentle, or noble) and otherwise is demonstrably of good character... pedophilia, and all its sub-types, will become a morally neutral predisposition (as it is, for any intent or purpose, not chosen) - and it will be considered separate in notion to the morality of one's behaviour, both in accordance with the law and in relation to specific circumstances.

As the world continues to change in the following decades, the Age of Consent will continue to lower and may eventually be dropped as a concept if there is ever any drastic youth liberation. Those changes are really too far ahead for me to predict accurately because I don't enough (or any) hard, specific, verifiable ideas.

~ Bow

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