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But what about me?

Posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, October 29 2018 at 08:25:03AM
In reply to Prediction: posted by rainbowloom on Monday, October 29 2018 at 01:56:26AM

There will never be an AoC for me. I am extremely exclusive. Below 5 is impossible for me. Oh, I do love them. I just don't find them sexually attractive. The same for above 9. I love them dearly. Just not sexually.

I know exactly why I am like this. But there is nothing I can do about it. Just live with it. Which I do. Safely.

But the question remains: What about an AoC for my level?

What is strange, my fetish is not illegal at any age. My activity in the past was. But my activity in the past is not really what I want; I was just giving Her what I knew She would like. And, of course, She did like it. (Any normal animal with a sex drive will like it. By definition.) My fetish is legal but nobody is into that. Except someone in my AoA.

So, for me, things are a bit odd. And I live comfortably and safely with it.

Regarding this post and every post I write about myself describing my past, be advised that I was tried, convicted, sentenced to a very long time in prison, and I served the complete sentence. Be further advised that I am no longer practicing illegal activities today and that I refrain from doing so by my own choice, not from fear of legal entanglements or society's outrage. I remain crime free because I choose to.

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