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Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, November 06 2018 at 7:50:25PM
In reply to Every man's right ... posted by Baldur on Tuesday, November 06 2018 at 00:55:22AM

Before you get too excited about "allemansretten", or "every man's right", keep in mind that there are strict limits and responsibilities that go with it. Typically a person is not allowed to camp in the same place more than one night, must stay away from built up or developed areas, cannot build a fire, and must not harm the land in any way.

...and these are good ideas.

This is how I live.

Are you seriously proposing that I've spent two decades concerned with the death of an empire, able to casually document over a hundred thousand years of its living history, and am just really totally ignorant of the ethics and way of life? For that matter...

The people inhabiting Northern Ireland are closely related to one of the biggest ethnic groups in the United States

Then there's, you know, the actual largest...

...wanna know how they lived?

Living in a lavvu and continuing the religion of Wokan Danke. Go ahead and look up the germanic countries in the freedom to roam. Similarly...

Actual Irish outnumber these kids by just short of an order of magnitude. The Scottish outnumber these people by a decent percentile. The Dutch, Swedish, and Norwegian populations are all, individually, about as large. The Russian populace does about as well. There are almost half as many Welsh.

I'll see you a little over 110 million to your five mil. Even if you canvass the scots-irish (aka "corrupted and misled natives") with the English, you're... completely dwarfed.

They gave us some charming winter festivals surrounding child prostitution : offering to turn tricks for treats, teaching children that they can sit on someone's lap for a present, et cetera. But they also gave us the dominant set of wilderness ethics in the United States. Take only pictures. Leave only footprints. Leave the land as you found it.

Et cetera. So the exact "restrictions" you talk about are the dominant ethos in the United States and a huge part of the culture. Entirely because of the people that dwarf your "largest" ethnic group. And... you're pretending I'm completely ignorant of the dominant and all-pervasive culture?


It's also the basis for "illegal camping" laws within that state.

...the "penalty" is a notice that one can only stay, in that specific spot, for 24 more hours.

But no, I'm not ignorant of them. They're the dominant culture from the majority populace.

From what I have observed of homeless camps, such restrictions are ignored

...sometimes, and throughout that area, it's... because they're often made from former 'scotch-irish' work crews. The raids of the '80s quickly dumped them on their betters, who are, quite frankly, slowly bringing them home.

This is, however, beside the point; "there exists a homeless person" isn't any different than "there exists a negro" or "there exists a pedophile." The laws are not, in fact, based around promoting, say, nonlittering or travel. They're based on a direct attack on the primary culture they're attempting to commodify.

If you, yourself, are in the United States, you may note that the "surprising facts" you attempt to inform others with are in fact the dominant culture, and in any case, form the overriding laws of the state in question. And the concerns you note are a bait-and-switch, because the ban is against the rights afforded both in the culture they mock, and the state they're in, and not at all a promotion of its ethos.

...but no, I'm not completely unfamiliar with the dominant culture of both the US and the west Arctic regions, and you should frankly be god-damn ashamed of trying to pretend this is new to me.

I... still suggest mocking the shit out of their plastic little festivals. There's a heritage park that would be a good place for stickering, under construction. And it is my understanding that the "viking dragon boat" memorial...

...has an "arctic and north pacific native friendship" memorial, based largely on shared religious heritage (and we should beat up neo-nazis, not to beat up neo-nazis, but to reclaim the thunderbird and lightning bolts), which would also be an excellent place to leave a reminder that the city council is, umm.... in a fucking racewar against the peoples it exploits in the attempt to make a profit.

The sauna, the longpipe, the drum, and freedom to roam on the land. Oregon... very barely, has all of these.

No, Baldur. I am not unfamiliar with either the cultural ethics nor the struggle for survival.


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