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Infinite gratitude

Posted by RedViolin on Thursday, January 24 2019 at 8:06:19PM
In reply to Should I, or shouldn’t I? posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, January 24 2019 at 1:12:11PM

In a word - wow! I am deeply humbled by your non holds barred honesty.

I've often fantasized about finding a life mate who would accept my particular orientation, but I have never made the attempt. Only a handful of people on the planet know of my preference for LGs. One is currently in my life as a trusted friend, whom I believe would never betray me unless I actually molested a child. Two of the others who know me are also attracted to LGs, however they are no longer in my life. The rest, unfortunately, have shunned me as a twisted pervert.

I've had many close calls with the law due to my orientation, but nothing serious enough to warrant more than a mild interrogation of my motives.

What I share on public forums these days is generally very limited and non-specific. However, the recent incident which has caused me some concern was a comment on a popular advice forum that I was the "old guy asking strange questions about little girls on Instagram". That comment forced me to realize that even the most innocuous comments about LGs could brand me as a pervert.

I did not mean to convey any intention of wanting to out myself. That would clearly be suicidal. I just wanted to share my frustration with always having to suppress what I now realize is a hard-wired sexual orientation.

These days, Instagram is my sole outlet for gratification. I post nature photos and use an offline HTML page to privately follow LGs. I have tried to be extremely careful to refrain from any comments or any frequency of commenting which could expose my orientation.

Your post has made it clear that I may have misstated my true intentions. Of course, I'd love to see the day when GLs are accepted in society. And, I realize that that day may never come.

The most I can hope for now is an occasional girl moment and a place like this forum to share those moments.

Much love and respect to everyone here!

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