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your "alternate" nic

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, February 01 2019 at 01:02:07AM
In reply to I use a different standard. posted by jd420 on Thursday, January 31 2019 at 7:03:14PM

Among some, anyway, used to be "Flash Bang". It indicates hopeless confusion for your counterpart, who nevertheless suspects esoteric truth embedded within your metaphors and roundabouts. I do believe you're the earliest registered poster still posting here (Might actually be 28, who pops his head in occasionally for salutations). I do often wonder why I don't remember ever seeing you in chat, or in other words, in real time. Nearly 20 years. I might be wrong on that. In any case, even this appreciator of having to dig through non-directness for discovery has often been left dumbfounded, even as I do it myself occasionally. The clues you leave are often only decipherable to you.


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