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Angola just raised its age of consent.

Posted by jd420 on Saturday, February 02 2019 at 01:36:31AM

It's all the way up to 14 now, which is how we know we should be angry at Dissident for this one. ;)

Protection against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is included. Maybe this means us. Maybe it doesn't.

Meanwhile, Pakistan raised its age of marriage.

Africa and Central Asia were the only regions which kept their damned hands off us in the great trap raid. The Lakes and UK kept fucking with childrens' liberty, as did Washington (and by extention, its upstream). "Afrasia," on the other hand...

...I mean, locally speaking, they kept their fucking hands off us.

No way to tell if the actions in Pakistan (Afghanistan is "the other way" from the Azherbaijani oil fields) and Angola are a failure of keeping their damned hands off us, a counteraction by another party, or what. There's...

...some small indication of the latter. Also, no way to tell if we're protected from discrimination in Angola now.

~shrug~ We use them for the rainbow, we slaughter them for the monochrome. It is an interesting state of things - and incidentally, I came across some interesting universalist media not too long ago. (And some otc CP).

It's... interesting to watch. And it's pretty certain that the entire anglosphere basically goes on a kill list.

If any great portugese-speakers can find anything more about Angola, please share.


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