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UN wants to ban inanimate objects.

Posted by jd420 on Sunday, February 17 2019 at 9:38:37PM

Apparently, the 'one world occupation' wants to protect... cartoons, sculptures, and the like.

You can read the draft here.

This will make for fascinating sport, of course, as most rennaissance sculpture and painting is done in with a hammer, as well as a fair number of antiques. It's also interesting in terms of general international law...

"Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part"

Yes, they appear to be trying to bring about the destruction of a specific group.

More interesting, too, is that the council's composition and country of origin are well listed.

Not only does this make pursuing a mass death strategy in those countries physically possible, but doing so is required under interational law. If you read that little convention on the crime of genocide up there, you'll note that any time any group is targeted, it is the duty of all persons to destroy the aggressor by any means necessary; complicity, not conspiracy, is the standard, and any form of restraint is a method of complicity.

It is important to follow the law. It's even one of the rules of this board.

Norway will be fun, because of the difference between Odin, Wotan, and Wokan as religious concepts; a'o na koza ma o'ga on the other side of that strait. Japan will be... overdue, because of the 2015 nudity/pornography ban and how it relates to portraying or admitting the existance of baths or hotsprings, or sauna/sweat for the mainland, and racial issues, as well as the question of what historical event got Tokyo its name. India and mainland-affiliated polynesia ("a'o tawa za jiva i'a") is not, thankfully, listed; it apparently had some good temples who knew "fucking abomination" when they saw it a couple tens to hundreds of thousands of years ago...

I don't make our legal obligations under the convention on genocide, though I'm pretty happy with the requirement to enforce them. It should probably be noted that we are not signatories to any nuclear, chemical, or biological convention. Seeing as we have seen what humans are really like, I suggest we never become such; petty evil is the base state of these folks, and evil is what keeps evil at bay.

You can read your obligations under law above. If you need the link again...

There you go. Any restraint in not destroying the aggressor or perpetrator is complicity.

Sadly, rule six simply prevents you from admitting you have failed to take all means to destroy the aggressor.


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