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Feminists repurposed AOC to harass sex workers

Posted by Baldur on Saturday, February 23 2019 at 6:57:49PM
In reply to Y hullo there... posted by jd420 on Thursday, February 21 2019 at 10:13:15PM

I'm a little surprised, jd, that you are ignoring the role of the early feminist movement in the White Slavery Moral Panic that enveloped England and the English-speaking world in the late 1800s and both raised the Age of Consent and repurposed Age of Consent law which was originally intended to protect children from being punished by the courts to restrict the rights of young people and to allow children and those adults who treated them as equals to be punished by the courts. This was of course a slightly veiled attack on sex workers as a form of protectionism for middle-aged middle-class married women, just as the sex trafficking hoax today is a thinly disguised attack on sex workers.

Of course we all favor human rights for both males and females of all ages, but I don't see where contemporary feminism has any role in that.


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