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I just don't agree...

Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, February 23 2019 at 7:32:28PM
In reply to Feminists repurposed AOC to harass sex workers posted by Baldur on Saturday, February 23 2019 at 6:57:49PM

That males and females deserve ALL EQUAL rights. Both genders are quite different. But feminism slanders and abhors motherhood and nurturing, something that most women ARE better than men at. I won't mention things men are better at since a number of people, not you, would start going boo hoo.

I think both genders deserve a lot of the same rights, but there are certain rights one gender should have, and the other vice versa.

Trying to make everything "Equal, equal" just doesn't work, as we see today. At this rate, males are probably going to fight back hard one day, something that may already be happening, but I also something I don't want to see happen, and I don't think needs to happen.

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