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Sneaky supporters of child lovers

Posted by hierophant on Wednesday, February 27 2019 at 00:47:34AM

There are a few instances of people n the media questioning the narrative on child lovers. Or at least that is how I see it.

In the animated series Family Guy, there is a regular character called Herbert the pervert he seems to take a liking to Chris Griffen. Also Quagmire every ones in while seems to be interested in sex with some who haven't reached the AOC yet. Both characters seem to make child lovers less scary.

Bill Marr has commented something to the effect that he would rather have his penis touched by Mickel Jackson then be raped up the @$$ by a Catholic priest. Putting into question the supposed horror of all adult-child sexual interaction.

In the movie Bad Words, an adult pays for a private titty show for an 11-year-old boy. Again putting to the idea of harmful to minors in question.

Maybe you can think of some more. Or you can question the examples I have listed here.

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