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Here is my reply...enjoy!

Posted by billi on Saturday, March 23 2019 at 0:34:04PM
In reply to And.... posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, March 23 2019 at 11:56:51AM

"Interesting that I've made a number of attempts to debunk such claims already, but you seem to fail to reply each time."

I did reply, didn't you read it? I pointed out that you failed to supply any links to sources that would show that your foolish claims had any credibility.

"Ritual oral sucking after circumcision (forget the exact name of it)"

That's not done anymore. That's a very old and discarded practice from before proper sterilization was known about.

" What the Talmud says about Jesus and Mary.
- What the Talmud says about sex/raping children, including little boys and 3 year old girls. "

I haven't read the Talmud. Care to quote the Talmud for us on these two topics?

"Also interesting that you still have no rebuttal to "American Circumcision" or other Intactivists. "

I didn't see "American Circumcision", so how could I rebut it? If I had known about it I certainly would have watched it. And I'm happy that you find my posts interesting.

"Is this really a religion that you think can be trusted, in your honest opinion? "

Yes, for the most part.

Thank you, it's been fun chatting with my Favorite Foreskin Fetishist.

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