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Posted by GL_in_lyrics on Saturday, March 23 2019 at 1:47:35PM
In reply to Here is my reply...enjoy! posted by billi on Saturday, March 23 2019 at 0:34:04PM

I've dropped numerous references, including to 'American Circumcision', which anyone with half a brain can figure out for themselves.

The Jewish Ritual Oral sucking is still done... Richard Dawkins even talks about it. Not all Jews do it, but some still. The assault with a knife is much worse though. I'd go for the Rabbi blowjob before a circ. Just like I'd go for MANY terrible things before being circed.

You're reminding me of the 'Poor and Stupid' NASCAR episode of South Park, where Cartman does all sorts of things to become "stupider".

You're just becoming stupider.

You're hilarious, actually, because you're a very poor and obvious troll.

But you'll likely need to come up with something better to get more replies out of me.

Oh, and ANYONE can play copypasta. I could use copypasta to prove any of number of points I actually disagree with.

Oh, and I don't care who I offend.... but it takes an extremely retarded person to be suckered into believing it's somehow right to assault children sexually with knives. I used to believe in it myself. Yes, I was retarded and immature.

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