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Posted by RedViolin on Monday, March 25 2019 at 0:21:16PM
In reply to The times, they are a changin' posted by Spherious on Monday, March 25 2019 at 04:00:13AM

Hey Sphere!

Thanks for bringing up online predation. Kids in the past didn't often have much contact with strange or bad-intentioned adults outside of their neighborhoods. But social media has definitely changed all that.

Six years ago, I befriended a 13yo Canadian girl on Facebook. She was playful and flirty, and she quickly sussed out that I liked young girls. However, instead of blocking me, she referred to me to all of her female friends, sisters, and cousins (including a very young Skyla Jay) - many of whom were extremely cute and well under the legal age to have a FB account.

This girl liked to bait and tease the "pedos" who were constantly messaging her and sending her friend requests. When I asked her why she befriended me, knowing that I was a "pedo" as well, she replied that since I'd never sent her any pictures of my "junk", had never used crude language, and had never asked her for revealing pics, she considered me to be cool. We eventually became good online friends. [BTW, she was the one who kept teasing me by privately messaging revealing pics of herself]

She would let me sit in on many of her "pedo" baiting chats. Man, was that eye-opening! This 13yo was incredibly skillful at drawing these creeps out, leading them on, then finally and without mercy slamming the door on them! What most surprised me was how forward these creeps were at asking for her explicit pics and telling her how much they'd like to f*ck her.

Sadly, it all ended 4 years ago, when her parents caught wind of her online activities and made her and her sisters unfriend everyone whom the parents did not know or trust.

To this day, I still miss the rare intimacy of being treated like a trusted friend and confidante by a group of cute young girls.

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