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The Malala fallacy.

Posted by Hajduk on Thursday, March 28 2019 at 00:30:04AM
In reply to Changing attitudes posted by billi on Monday, March 25 2019 at 3:26:32PM

Generally speaking, more education is probably better overall than less education. But only at a society wide level, with very specific indicators, not all of which are inherently positive; and with great variations depending on the specific contents of that education.

Famously, Pakistani teacher Malala Yousafzai has said that education is the magic bullet against terrorism.

Well, no. Not at all. That's a fallacy.

Overwhelmingly, planners of terrorist attacks and leaders of terror oriented groups (all over the world, not just specifically politically Islamist) are very well educated. Osama was an engineer. Che was a doctor (M.D.). And so on and so forth. Of course, we are all familiar too with leaders and middleman executioners of totalitarian regimes too: notable criminals in Nazism and Communism were also very highly educated.

To cause and to sustain social change education may be a tool, but is most definitely not even the most important thing.

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