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Daesh is that you?

Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, April 02 2019 at 2:00:46PM
In reply to Myths posted by billi on Tuesday, April 02 2019 at 09:38:23AM

Lifelong: meatal stenosis, painful erections, further amputations of penis tissue.

Short but dangerous: infection (a freaking open wound, on a highly irrigated body part, exposed 24/7 to fecal matter, do u even?) which itself could lead to sepsis; loss of blood (a freaking open wound on a highly irrigated body part; ever been stabbed in the neck? I have); pain shock which can lead to lung collapse or ear damage.

No: people and institutions with both a clear financial interest in cutting penises and a complete disregard for human dignity which can be fairly labelled psychopathic, have been to places which already have massive AIDS epidemics, triggered and worsened by pre-existing social, cultural and material conditions, such as scant access to barrier methods of contraception (aka condoms), scant access to scientific health information, lack of knowledge of one's own HIV status and yet stigma on telling it if you know you're positive, no good drug addiction prevention and treatment policies, and extremely high tolerance for male promiscuity and male on female rape, including associated myths that sex with a virgin has therapeutic effects. [No, I'm not talking about Commiefornia, guys]. And even in this context, the "huge" difference you speak about is within the statistical margin of error. Because, of course, the foreskin is not the source of the semen by which the HIV gets passed on. The semen of a cut guy has the same presence or absence of the virus as that of an intact guy.

Sorry again. All the polls taken with women show that most women think circumcised penises are more attractive that uncircumcised ones.

1. All the polls taken where? Because I can also produce polls where males say circumcised vulvae are more attractive. And conversely, White European women consistently say the cut penis is strange looking.

2. How far are we supposed to change our bodies for the sake of others? Most males don't like fat women, and that has not stopped the obesity epidemic, nor made liposuction obligatory. Most males (pedos are the conspicuous exception) like big boobs, and that has not made boob jobs obligatory, much less on newborn girls.

3. How warped does a mind have to be to prefer a thing broken and vandalized compared to its original, natural, designed state?

Yes, some people do prefer people with missing limbs or obvious signs of previous harm, such as scars and burns. Or want such for themselves. Those are warped minds.

You probably think the Aral Sea is more beautiful now it's dry.

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