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Posted by billi on Tuesday, April 02 2019 at 09:38:23AM
In reply to Not all decisions are born equal. posted by Hajduk on Monday, April 01 2019 at 11:48:33PM

"Even short of death, a plethora of lifelong, and short but highly dangerous consequences, abound."

What lifelong and short but highly dangerous consequences, abound for circumcised men? Please specify.

"By propagating the millennia old myth that mutilated penises are cleaner"

That's not a myth. It's been proven that uncircumcised men are much more likely to transmit STD's ..including their sexual partners that circumcised men. Sorry if that upsets you, Hajduk, but the medical facts are the medical facts.

" the other myth that mutilated penises are more attractive"

Sorry again. All the polls taken with women show that most women think circumcised penises are more attractive that uncircumcised ones.

Having a bad day, Hajduk, aren't we?

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