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Not an official reply, but...

Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, April 02 2019 at 2:10:00PM
In reply to Correction: should be "not sure". So sorry. posted by RedViolin on Tuesday, April 02 2019 at 01:27:19AM

GC, as GC, does not have specific positions on anything.

Individual posters have individual specific positions on things.

Because of our demographics, GC has majorities on some issues which may not match the rest of the world at large, such as pro contact and youth lib. But those are still contingent consensus, not GC positions.

Further than that, GC rules state that you should not give out personally identifiable information about yourself or other posters. And, that you should not speak about illegal activity (not just sexual) that you have committed or witnessed, unless and until it's run its course in the proper courts of law in the applicable jurisdiction. I remark these two rules because they may apply to what people can say about these subjects.

(Not a GC mod)

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