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Good definitions with one correction

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, April 07 2019 at 11:04:52AM
In reply to Pedophiles are... posted by Smeagol on Saturday, April 06 2019 at 05:57:09AM

A sexual attraction is not 'hardcore' or 'soft core'.

I would disagree.

Some pedosexuals want penetrative, gratifying intercourse. This, then, would be "hardcore". Some other pedosexuals, such as myself, do not want penetrative intercourse. They want only sexual partner gratification with, or without, self-gratification. This, then, would be "soft core".

Before you would ask for qualifying statistics on such differentiation, I would state, here, that I am a pedosexual with a sexual attraction that fits into that "soft core" pigeonhole. I have a fetish that my 6 year old lover (until She was 10) placated me with at my request. In the course of events, I would perform cunnilingus upon Her until She, Herself, was satiated. At no time was She ever penetrated in any manner.

I would suggest that the statistics for this category be rather meager as I don't think anyone is studying a sample population to even approximate an average of any sort. Nonetheless, the case in point suffices to validate the variation.

Regarding this post and every post I write about myself describing my past, be advised that I was tried, convicted, sentenced to a very long time in prison, and I served the complete sentence. Be further advised that I am no longer practicing illegal activities today and that I refrain from doing so by my own choice, not from fear of legal entanglements or society's outrage. I remain crime free because I choose to.

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