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Do I believe in God? Let's see...

Posted by griffith on Thursday, July 29 2021 at 00:10:43AM
In reply to The fire of Kundalini? posted by Plyushkin on Wednesday, July 28 2021 at 11:31:18PM

In AA they have "the program", they try to follow it better, and I have sometimes said that trying to follow the program is like trying to clean the window that opens you the view outside, but to realize the truth you should not keep cleaning the window: you should break it and let the big air inside. Naturally some fanatic AA members have disapproved my words.

Yes, to realize the truth you should throw all the books, the AA books, the Bible, the Koran, the Vedas, the Tipitakas and all such books to the corner and -- break the window. But of course we don't know how to break the window.

And I think that if the window could be broken, the big air could get in.

But can you pray to the air? If the big air is just behind the window, does it understand your prayers, or can it do anything for you? Does it even exist, if it is behind the window, or is it just a concept?


I have posted a lot lately because I have been awake all nights.

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